Gang violence


The usual propagandists of political correctness,
in the media, politics, and yes, religion,
have been mounting a campaign to have the U.S. admit
every young person who can get over the southern border,
using the rationale that
"They are fleeing violence and poverty."
Such big-time pinkos as Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley are using that line:
O’Malley declared that
returning the children to their home countries,
as Obama has suggested,
would send them “back to certain death.”

But look at what it omits
(not that there is anything unusual
about pinkos having a highly selectively biased view of the world):
Gang violence in America.
Notice how concerns about that have been pushed off the front pages,
as the topic de jour is getting more immigrants in.
In America, gangs such as MS-13 are a real problem.
The argument that sending the young back to their home countries only exposes them to gang recruitment
ignores the fact that gang recruitment is a real problem right here in the U.S. of A.
You have to be a real sleaze-ball to ignore the fact that,
just as gangs in Central America are busy recruiting new members,
so too are gangs in the U.S. of A.

And indeed, all these new immigrants will, inevitably,
provide new members for the U.S. branches of those international criminal syndicates.

An example from July 16, 2014 was a deadly bank robbery in Stockton, CA.
Of the affiliation of the three bank robbers, according to the the NBC news report,
police said it was the "Norteno" street gang ...
a local group affiliated with the dominant Latino gang in Northern California.

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