False comparisons of PC

Here is a look at some of the false comparisons
which lie at the heart of much of the PC program.

Echoes of the past
by Wil Haygood
Washington Post Style section, 2013-07-16

[This article was the lead story in the Style section that day,
running from the top of the available part of the page
down thru the top 40% of the below-the-fold content.
Its thrust is, as its headline suggests,
to make a comparison between the acquittal of George Zimmerman on murder and manslaughter charges
stemming from his shooting of Trayvon Martin,
an acquittal which had occurred the Saturday before this Tuesday article.

Here is the beginning of the article:]

When Bill Baxley assumed office as Alabama attorney general in 1971,
he was determined to bring to justice
the bombers who lit the dynamite beneath the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham,
killing four little black girls Sept. 15, 1963.

[The article goes on to, naturally, compare that case to
George Zimmerman’s shooting of Trayvon Martin.
But aside from the fact that in each case black persons were killed by white men,
where is the comparison?
Are all such cases equivalent?
In particular,
Trayvon Martin inflicted physical harm to George Zimmerman
before Zimmerman shot him.
Did the four "little black girls"
inflict physical harm on the people who killed them
before the killing occurred?
Of course not.
Does that not make a difference?
Evidently not to those who seem to see
every case of whites killing blacks
as being indistinguishable.

The article features four large black-and-white period photos,
with captions.
Here is a table showing those captions with my reaction to the caption.
The table also includes some other comparisons made in the Post
that I take objection to.]

Year Caption KHarbaugh question
1933 The Scottsboro boys case
More than 1,200 attend a rally in New York in 1933
on behalf of the nine youths,
who were accused of raping two white girls.
Did the Scottsboro boys attack anyone?
1955 Emmett Till slaying
In 1955,
officers stand by as black religious leaders from Chicago
demonstrate outside the White House
against the killing of the Chicago 14-year-old,
who was accused of flirting with a white woman
while visiting relatives in Mississippi.
Did Emmett Till attack the men who shot him
before they shot him?
1963 16th Street Baptist Church bombing
Civil rights leaders sing at a 1963 memorial in New York
for the four girls killed in the Birmingham, Ala. explosion.
Did the four girls killed in this bombing
attack the bombers before they exploded the bomb?
1963 Medger Evers assassination
Mourners march in Jackson, Miss.,
after services in 1963 for the civil rights leader,
who was slain by a white man.
Did Medger Evans attack the man who shot him
before he shot him?
2013 Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Did the people who the Tsarnaev brothers
killed and injured in the Boston Marathon bombing
cause any harm to the brothers?
2013 Ariel Castro Did the three women Ariel Castro imprisoned and raped for a decade
do anything to Castro to cause him to take that action?
2012 George Zimmerman Did Trayvon Martin attack George Zimmerman
before Zimmerman shot him?
That is, at the very least, a very real possibility.
And that possibility, if not probability,
distinguishes the Zimmerman/Martin case
from all of the above.

[My point is that
it hardly seems appropriate to compare the Zimmerman/Martin case,
where Trayvon Martin indisputably caused physical injury to George Zimmerman before he was shot,
to these other cases where black people were killed who had caused no injury to
the person or persons who committed their killing.]