How do you recognize when you are in Crazyville?
It never misses an excuse, no matter how far-fetched,
for putting white men under suspicion
of being attracted to black women and/or posing a threat to black women.
Thus it can put anyone it wants under permanent suspicion,
without any recourse.

And of course, the black women just love this.
They love playing the victim card, every chance they get,
no matter how false their accusation is.
It makes them look good, boosts their all-important “self-esteem”
and provides a method for assailing the motives of
anyone who dares to assert that their problems are their own fault.
And when the target of their delusional accusations
is also a target of other segments of the PC community,
as the FLDS Yearning for Zion ranch was a target of
both Rozita Swinton and the broader feminist community,
then the accuser earns PC points for bringing down
an "enemy" of political correct attitudes.

Is this a valid characterization of any real district, in particular, county,
in America?

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