It may not be responsible from a lot of viewpoints for me to say this,
but it seems to me that if older women have fun (i.e., sex) with young men,
this may be problematic from some viewpoints,
such as religious morality,
but it hardly hurts the young man involved.
What hurt there is is an "opportunity cost" problem:
he is not experiencing the interactions with women his own age that he otherwise might,
and might aid his development.
But in some cases that isn't happening anyhow,
and he does gain, I would hope,
some experience in the kind of sexual relations that women do like.
And it seems to me that that is a good thing.
Further, most young men would not view such an affair as a relation likely to continue,
but just as part of their growth and education,
in this case in a very worldly matter.
And again, aside from the religious viewpoint,
I think that is very worthwhile.
Obviously, this is just my opinion,
and one not widely shared by those shaping the overall social climate.

In fiction
In fact

In fiction

Note the 1997 movie In Praise of Older Women.
The first video below is an excerpt from it.

Faye Dunaway
(Note: Faye Dunaway was born in 1941;
In Praise of Older Women was released in 1997.)

Jacqueline Bisset
(Note: Jacqueline Bisset was born in 1944;
Rich and Famous was released in 1981.)

Perhaps the most famous cougar in films:
Anne Bancroft as Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate

A short version (about one minute)

More presumably fictional portrayals of sex between older women and younger men
may be found by visiting bing.com, clicking on Videos,
then searching on, say,
older women younger men sex.
An specific example may be found by searching on
"mature women invite young guy".
This would seem fictional to me, but who knows?
Or search on, say,
Lisa Ann cougar
Lisa Ann MILF
featuring the apparently eternal beauty Lisa Ann
(see the twenty-year duration of her filmography.
Interesting to see what at least some men
(and who knows, maybe even some women :-)
find attractive.

I just like to see women who can and do enjoy sex,
making the most of their sexual potential,
rather than suppressing it.

In fact

Mrs. Iris Robinson of Northern Ireland

Molly Shattuck

Elaine McKay

Mature woman, Elaine McKay, 58, sends nude selfies and sleeps with student, 15

Note: The (unnamed) boy claims that they had sex, which Ms. McKay denies.
The sentence she received for sending images.

The following boxed item
is one of the comments to a 2015-12-19 CBS News report
on the Shelley Dufresne/Rachell Respress student/teacher sex case.
One never knows whether what people write as comments is fact or fiction;
this might be totally made up.
But the situation described sounds very much like the 1950s legends about what "Good Moms" do to entertain their sons boyfriends.
(The only difference is that in the 1950s, we (or at least I) never thought about using marijuana.)
Note the comment that "the sex [was] incredible".
It sounds like the boy's concerns were not over the sex per se,
but rather the attempts of the older woman to make sure
nobody else would find out about the fun they had had.

DJTrump4Prez2016 December 19, 2015 7:7AM

It's very interesting how so many people [I assume men]
view only the sex portion of this crime and see it as "being lucky."

When I was a teenager, just 14, I was friends with the Sheriff's son.
One day, I go over there, and his mother answers the door.
She's 53, and really takes care of herself.
She tells me that nobody is home,
as "the boys went fishing for the weekend."
I was invited in, so I accepted.

She started commenting on how I looked good, which was awkward.
Then she busted out her weed stash, beer, and porn.
Things quickly progressed, and I wasn't certain exactly how to handle it.

After it was over, things got strange.
I'd suddenly be coincidentally bumping into her in our small Midwest town.
She'd talk to me in a threatening way,
first asking if anyone has asked me anything, or asking if anyone knows,
and then saying that I'll have her son and husband [Sheriff] to deal with
if anyone ever finds out.
She would threaten me a few times per month.

Of course, her son would still invite me over, and I'd still go.
She'd shoot me looks, like, "Yea, I own you now."
I played guitar with the Sheriff [he played banjo] and his son.
I used to look forward to getting together with them.
But after the encounter, I dreaded it,
but I had to pretend that everything was okay and nothing had changed.

I'm not going to lie, the bud, the booze, and the sex were incredible.
However, the other things that came along with the package
were bitter, twisted, threatening, scary,
and not something I'd ever wish on a 14-year-old boy,
let alone anyone else.
It definitely was NOT all fun and games.

Everything has a price. Everything.

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