Black Wealth

Barbara Bullock
Harriette Walters
Teodoro Nguema Obiang: @Wikipedia, @Google
[Teodoro Nguema Obiang] owns property through his “Sweetwater Malibu LLC”
at 3620 Sweetwater Road, Malibu, CA.
This property has the highest assessed property value in Malibu.


Some See a Cash Motive in Duvalier’s Return
New York Times, 2011-01-21


When Jean-Claude Duvalier suddenly emerged from exile last weekend,
saying he was here “to help” his devastated homeland,
fears immediately spread across the country
that the former dictator had come to stake a new claim to power.

But Mr. Duvalier’s risky return home from France
may have been driven by another motivation: money.

Though Mr. Duvalier has long been accused of looting $300 million from Haiti
before fleeing nearly 25 years ago,
his lawyers and friends have said that
much of his money was squandered on a lavish lifestyle of
jewelry, chateaus, fancy cars and
a very expensive divorce from his ex-wife.

Just this week, one of Mr. Duvalier’s lawyers said that
when his client was hauled before a Haitian court
and asked how he supported himself,
Mr. Duvalier responded: “With the help of friends.”


Confidential document reveals details of
Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan's life together

By The Reliable Source
Washington Post, 2011-01-27

Partying Amid Poverty Stirs South Africa Debate
New York Times, 2011-02-15



A $23 million mansion heads to foreclosure as an entrepreneur’s fortune vanishes

By J. Freedom du Lac and Annys Shin
Washington Post, 2012-09-15

Advertisers aren’t tapping into strong African American market, report says
By Michael A. Fletcher
Washington Post, 2012-09-21

Even after absorbing a devastating economic hit from the Great Recession,
black consumers remain a potent force but are often overlooked by advertisers,
according to a new research report.

African Americans are projected to have a combined spending power of $1.1 trillion by 2015,
according to the report released on Friday by the market-research firm Nielsen
and the National Newspaper Publishers Association,
which represents 200 black-oriented newspapers.

As a group, African Americans have a set of spending habits and brand loyalty that should be attractive to advertisers.
More than other demographic groups,
blacks tend to buy “brand-name” products,
watch television
and spend time shopping or frequenting fast-food restaurants,
the report said.

Still, media outlets directed at black audiences
earned just a tiny slice — less than 2 percent —
of the more than $120 billion that firms spent on advertising in 2011,
according to the report.

“Companies that don’t advertise using black media risk having African Americans perceive them as being dismissive of issues that matter to black consumers,” said Cloves Campbell, chairman of NNPA. “This report demonstrates what a sustainable and influential economic force we are.”