The question of under what circumstances abortion should be allowed, or regulated,
is a complex and difficult one, balancing the interests of
the potential mother,
the future human being she is carrying,
and of the larger society.
I can see the argument for at least early abortion,
as well as the argument against it.
This is an issue on which I do not feel I have sufficient wisdom
to have a useful or well-founded opinion.

Nonetheless, here is an article on an interesting aspect of this issue:

Large majority of Jews favor abortion—for non-Jews
by Kevin MacDonald
The Occidental Observer, 2013-11-17

[A]n article on Mondoweiss by Allison Deger
points out the hypocrisy of American Jews
who simultaneously are staunch supporters of abortion in America
but also support anti-abortion organizations in Israel

[For restrictions on abortion in Israel,
please see the Wikipedia article “Abortion in Israel”.]