Department of Subliminal Messages

Here are the headlines of the two articles
that appeared, one above the other,
on the front page, right hand side, above the fold,
of the Tuesday, July 6, 2010 Washington Post.

Democratic groups
losing Wall St. donors

Anger Among
Executives Blamed

Big drop from N.Y. area
could hurt congressional campaigns
In the same room,
maybe on the same page

Obama, Netanyahu to meet again
amid questions of a rift,
concerns over U.S. policy

From reading the first article,
on declining contributions to Democrats from Wall Street and New York,
I am unable to find any reason why
the article appeared on this particular day.
There is, so far as I can tell,
no reference to a specific document or event occurring.

The rationale for the article that I could find
is in the following sentence from paragraph 4 (emphasis added):

“Almost half of that decline in large-dollar fundraising
can be attributed to New York, according to
a Washington Post analysis
of records filed with the Federal Election Commission.”