Congressional hearings on cybersecurity

Worldwide Cyber Threats
House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence


The Honorable John O. Brennan
Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

The Honorable James R. Clapper
Director of National Intelligence
Statement for the Record

The Honorable James Comey
Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Admiral Michael S. Rogers
Director of the National Security Agency

Lieutenant General Vincent Stewart
Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency

YouTube video of the above:
World Wide Cyber Threats Hearing --- House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
1 hour 51 minute video

DNI Clapper requested that Congress fund a
"Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center".
Sounds like a great idea; who/where is this done now?

FBI Director Comey referenced the FBI's NCIJTF:
National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force.

DIRNSA Rogers: NSA has provided OPM with 19 specific recommendations to improve their security (1:07:50).
Congressman Conaway asks who in government can require that agencies implement the security fixes recommended to them!
(Obvious answer: Isn't that the President's job?) (1:09:10)

United States Cybersecurity Policy and Threats
United States Senate Armed Services Committee, 2015-09-29

[Audio begins about 17:40.
DNI Clapper: 29:08
Dep Secretary Work 35:00
DIRNSA Rogers 43:20]


To receive testimony on United States Cybersecurity policy and threats.


Honorable James R. Clapper
Director of National Intelligence

[Clapper said (at 33:55) that "malicious cyberactivity would continue and even accelerate" until "we" (the U.S.) demonstrate a deterrence capability.
He does not even mention the need to improve our defenses,
the ability to prevent hacking from happening.
I believe there is nothing inevitable in computer software and systems
that permit malicious hacking to occur.
The potential is there to build secure computer systems.
There would be a cost, both in dollars and convenience.
But that is a tradeoff that should be considered.]

Honorable Robert O. Work
Deputy Secretary of Defense

Admiral Michael S. Rogers, USN
Commander, U.S. Cyber Command/ Director, National Security Agency/ Chief, Central Security Services